Earth Day is for Kids


By: Suzanne Elston


April 22nd is Earth Day. The very first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22nd, 1970 as an environmental awareness teach-in at colleges and universities across North America. Earth Day is now the largest, most celebrated environmental event worldwide. This year it's expected that more than six million Canadians will join a half a billion people in over 180 countries who will be participating in local community events throughout the month of April. 


Celebrating Earth Day provides a great opportunity to teach our children about caring for the planet we call home. Helping our kids learn about taking care of the environment teaches them stewardship and responsibility. It's also a wonderful way to spend time together. You can check with your local school, community group or municipality to find out if there are any special events planned for your area, or you can organize your own events. Here's a list of family-friendly activities that can help protect Mother Earth. As an added benefit, most of these activities cost little or no money.












For more information on Earth Day activities for kids, visit Ecokids.This kid-friendly site has great year round suggestions, activities and educational games for children of all ages, or check out Earth Day Canada.